Trade has long been hindered by numerous physical and mental barriers.

The market should not be limited to a geographical space
like the countryside, the city, or the country. On our planet inhabited by 8 billion people,
there are 8 billion value systems that judge the value of an object.
While supply and demand can be reduced to a simple equation,
the coming together of values happens through chance and serendipity.

Artport is a harbor through which values come and go, meet and part.
Through the interweaving of these unique values, the harbor thrives and evolves.

We highlight individuality and foster unique,
diverse values that coexist to create a multipolar world.

Welcome to our harbor, a space that transcends logic to
allow the coming together of uniqueness.


Company name

【Realization of World Peace】



  1. Global value creation by art&creativity
  2. Planning, management, and implementation for art projects and events
  3. Research on culture and public infrastructure
  4. Consulting and implementation for revitalizing and improving the attractiveness of public infrastructures through art&culture
  5. Consulting and implementation for organizational vision and branding


  1. Consulting to support for import and export
  2. Research on global regulations on export
  3. Export-related intellectual property (IP) strategy planning and IP rights protection support

【Space Management &Cultural Research】

  1. Planning&Management of cultural facilities and spaces
  2. Cultural research on specific regions
Head Office
Japan: 2760-121, Katata, Nishimuro Gun Shirahama Cho, Wakayama Ken, 649-2201, Japan
England: 5 Windrush Close, London, England, W4 3TQ
USA: 8 Kearny Street Suite 2100, San Francisco,
China: 2641 Anlian Centre, 4018 Jintian Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, 518026, China
Singapore: 13 JALAN MATA AYER, #02-71 EUPHONY GARDENS, Singapore 759155
President and CEO
10 million yen


KINAN ART WEEK 2021(紀南アートウィーク2021) KINAN ART WEEK 2021(紀南アートウィーク2021)